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Not like the other  planners.

My approach?

It's pretty simple.

You dance your faces off.

I'll do the rest.


Okay fine…the truth? Day of coordination exists in the space between spreadsheets, design, emotions, and relationships. It’s not something you can photograph, or wrap as a gift. It’s an act of service that all couples deserve, but only few people can execute. 

And who your day of coordinator is matters just as much as the person you’re going home with that night...Almost!

”From setting up my venue, making sure I had my favorite coffee in the morning, and even picking up our breakfast for the bridal party. I would hire Kelly again a thousand times over.” 

– Kelsey and Alex, married May, 2022


“If you're on the fence about getting a wedding planner, just do it. But if you're going to hire anyone, it should totally be Kelly.” 

 – Katy and Aaron, married January 2023


Hi I'm Kelly!

I’m a Pittsburgh gal who always had a thing for hospitality, and went all in on wedding planning when I realized it wasn’t just a job that exists in rom coms. 


"That dress is so pretty, it makes my stomach hurt."

 - Me to my brides  - Megan, Bridesmaids - Melissa McCarthy

What I’ve learned along the way? 


The grit of the many hats I’ve worn in the service industry-–waiting tables, delivering pizza, bartending, you name it!-- is the source of all my wedding planner magic. If there's something I can do that will make your day even better than you ever imagined, I can and will make it happen. I have the reviews to prove it. There’s never a wedding that goes by where I don’t think: “What would have happened if I wasn’t here?”

Witnessing a room full of yinzers scream singing Don't Stop Believing every Saturday restores my faith in humanity. Mr. Brightside is a close second. Anyone can say they are a day of coordinator, but it takes a true love of the service to make it art. To go beyond a timeline. To make it a feeling.

That’s the Kelly Lynn Weddings difference.

©Kelly Lynn Weddings, LLC

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