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The Dream Kelly Lynn Wedding

What does the dream Kelly Lynn wedding look like?

The dream KLW couple is...

Requiem Images - Pittsburgh NYC Travel Destination Elopement Wedding Photographer - Spirit

Eclectic, but polished

Leans into the aesthetic of their museum space

Values quality and experience

Values inclusion: Their vendors create a safe space for everyone

4F5A2910 (1).jpg

Will absolutely include their pets in their ceremony

Is an intimate, 20 person guest count focused on cuisine and conversation

Non-traditional, colorful and funky

Writes their own wedding vows


Curates their perfect emo dance party playlist, because that's their vibe

Has impeccable style with big feelings about little details

Not into the whole big wedding ~thang~

Wants a big, sweaty dance party that ends at midnight


Feeling called out?

Screenshot 2023-06-30 110412.jpg

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